Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Towel Head Wrap

Oh. My. Goodness. Yesterday I sewed one of the easiest projects ever! If I had decided to follow the directions exactly it would have taken a grand total of about ten minutes start to finish. Honestly. I just wanted to hug the finished project because I was so happy! Okay, so maybe I wasn't really that happy but it sure was close to being that happy. 

Here's a picture of the finished project, modeled by my oldest daughter:
Okay, she's going to send some dirty looks my way for this one...just can't resist posting it. The frontal shot makes her look like she's wearing a Smurf hat with the way she wrapped it:
Y'all do remember the Smurfs, right? All she needed was to paint her face blue and she could...well...let's just leave this line of conversation alone...hehehehe...

Back to the headwrap.

This project began as an internet search for something fun and useful to give as a door prize at our ladies' Bible study group last night. The lesson was on Bathsheba so it was a 'bath' theme for the night. So when the directions on how to make this popped up it was just the thing I was looking for. Those directions can be found here: She even has a pdf file for downloading. Take my word for it, girls, this couldn't be easier to do!

Instead of just following the directions and using a plain towel, I decided to sew some ribbon along the finished edges of the towel to give it a little 'something' when it was done. This was okay until time to sew the two pieces together. It got a little bulky with two layers of ribbon and two layers of towel.

Also, BEFORE cutting out the shape of the headwrap from the towel I pinned (inside the drawn shape) the two halves of the towel together.

When sewing the two pieces together I used a serger and then ran an extra straight stitch with a regular sewing machine for added security.

As this project came together, all kinds of thoughts started running through my there's a stray, cute towel on clearance...yeah, would make a nice headwrap! At a yard sale and find a funky, vintage towel that's still in excellent shape? Yeah, would make a nice headwrap! Need a gift for that lady in your life who has *everything*? Bet she doesn't have one of these.

Not only could this be used to corral wet hair...think about the times when one wants to soak without getting their hair wet.

Or how about taking a trip to the beach and you don't want your brand-new color to fade? Make one that matches your swimsuit.

Hmmm...come to think of it, this may be one thing everyone on my Christmas list gets this year...

So, what do y'all think?

Happily Feathering ~Betsy

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