Tuesday, March 26, 2013

License Plate Decor

Today's post is short little ditty to explain why I use the license plates I do in our home decor.
Beside the fact I just plain like 'em, they have a meaning unique to us.
This frame holds plates that correspond with our birth places/years.
Still on the hunt for the proper plate for my oldest daughter to add to this.

This plate is the second license plate that came off the classic Mustang
my husband gave me for our 20th wedding anniversary.
The first and second owners left plates with her, a super cool treat!

And this one is the original plate from her that hangs in our bedroom.
My husband also has a classic so this a fun way to keep both our sets handy...
his keys hang on the left, mine on the right.
The "Chevy" and "Ford" emblems are drawer pulls purchased at Hobby Lobby.
With his being a Vette this just makes it too perfect for us!

Personal design does not have to be fancy, smanchy, y'all...
just use something you love and tweak it to make it unique for your family.

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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