Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Stain Signs

I am finally ready to reveal what the first batch of DIY Stain (post here) went to create.
Let me take you on a picture journey of the process...
The stain:

The wood before staining:

 The wood during the process of staining:
One with stain, two without.
 Love how the differences in the pieces of wood are picked up by the homemade stain.

Letting the wood dry:

 All dry and waiting to become signs:

 Now...drumroll, please...the end products:
These are for sale, will be in my Etsy shop soon.

This one made it to my front porch:
Another board was attached to the back, for stability, and the sign was completed
with the addition of chalkboard paint and a chalkboard marker.
Chalkboard markers become permanent on chalkboard paint.
In this instance it was okay because I do not plan on changing the "prices."

 This one was for a give-a-way:
Last, but not least, a custom order for my cousin:

And this is the way the back of all the signs look:
They are intentionally left plain so as to contrast with
the front of the signs, kinda like a real-time "before and after."

Couple side notes...
When using this stain, place a plastic garbage bag under the drop cloth as the stain is very runny.
Then allow the cloth to dry completely before folding both the bag and cloth up for later usage.

Also, each sign is sealed with flat, clear spray paint.
When sealing the sign for my front porch, I went right over the chalkboard paint and markers.
Sealing helps to bring out the richness of the wood under the paint on the front of the signs.
Now it's time to dig around the wood stash to make more signs...

( always the wood is reclaimed...:))

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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