Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Second Easiest Custom Light Ever

This week on Twice Loved Treasure's FB page I share the EASIEST custom light ever:

Squinch and you can see it...up in the right hand corner.
It's a lamp shade turned hanging light instantly with this:

A $15 kit from Lowe's.
It literally consisted of taking off the nut and then putting it back on.
Simple and easy at it's best!
Now doing custom lighting is not a foreign idea to me.
This began life as a boring, bland, run-of-the-mill floor lamp:
This was once an utilitarian object:
And then there were the failed attempts at creating something unique.
Yep, no pics of those.
While a bit of a challenge in figuring a custom something out is fun,
there are times a girl just wants a quick project.
One with minimum work for a maximum wow.
Resuing/repurposing items in the process is a win/win situation!
So here's my second easiest custom light ever:
It lives in my lair (craft/sewing/painting room).
Wish there was a way to camoflouge the cord but haven't gotten that far yet.
My light began life this way:
 Three elements came together...
the remnant of a hanging light
(one that was put in a safe place so it wouldn't break...yeah, you know how that goes)
a stray plant hanger
plus a vintage egg basket.
The bracket and basket were spray painted white and then sanded appropriately.
After finding a stud for the bracket to be screwed in to the basket was hung on
the hook of the plant hanger.
Then the hanging light remnant was attached to the basket.
And as a final touch jute webbing purchased at a thrift store was woven through the basket.
Best part of this project...should I decide I no longer like this light I can easiely disassemble it and reuse each piece another way.
Something custom and unique for you home doesn't have to be costly.
It just needs to be made with items you love, ones that suit you and make you smile.
Total cost for this project was under $25, plus it gave something broken a whole new life.
And it makes me smile.
That is priceless!
Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all! ~Betsy
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