Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Painting Mason Jars

Have y'all seen these beauties yet?
They're all over Etsy and Pinterest these days.
As usual, I live in my own little world and am one of the last to know...

Now that I do know about this super cute, super easy way to update vintage canning jars 
I'm trying to figure out how to explain to the hubs that spray paint REEEALLY needs to
 become part of the household budget for the next month!
So, if you're like me and have a few vintage canning jars laying around without a real purpose as of yet, here's a few tips to turn them into fantabulous accessories just for your own home:
***Only use these for non-food items just to be on the safe side.***
***Because the paint is on the outside these can safely be used as flower vases.***
Now that the disclaimers are over...here's the tips...
1. Use a quality spray paint.
Trust me, chickie, you get what you pay for with spray paint!
2. Spray paint your jar upside down, laying down a couple light coats of paint.
3. Begin the distressing process with a courser grit sandpaper,
 finishing off with a fine grit to smooth it all out.
4. Seal with a flat, clear spray paint.
Again, quality matters!
Why two different sandpapers?
The courser grit begins the process more easily and
the fine grit gives the smoother, time worn appearance as desired.

See the difference here:

after the fine grit and sealer
before the fine grit and sealer

Is sealing the jar necessary? No.
However, laying down a couple light coats of the clear, flat spray paint
gives a more uniform appearance along with helping to protect the paint from coming off further.
(See above photos.)
The spray paint I used on the example is a glossy finish.
After sanding some areas were still glossy.
This is a little too pristine in my DIY world.
Now it is a nice, even finish...which makes me very happy.
Yeah. Sometimes it's the little things...:)
I'd also be extremely happy with any suggestions on how to convince the hubs about the spray paint...

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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