Friday, July 19, 2013

"On Beach Time" Clock

Summer's here.
Who wants to spend time looking at a clock?
We do, if it's this one: ;) 

This is simply an 18" cake board purchased at a yard sale that was refabbed with a little bit of paint.

Here's how she began life:

Three coats of "Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint" in "ironstone"
was used for the base coat then the stripes were taped off:
 (This was the first color stripe getting taped off.)

To get the stripes even, a ruler and yard stick were used together.
The yard stick was a guide for placing the painter's tape straight.
The ruler, well, y'all know what that was for, right? :D

Then, the first color stripe was painted in two quick coats:

Second color done the same:

Removed the tape to let the stripes dry before adding the third color.

And then the third:

All three colors are sample sizes from my favorite home improvement store.
Two were found in the oops! bin, the other was free with a coupon, making this project super frugal.
Don't hesitate to pick up these little gems when a color catches your eye!
They  can go a long way when used in small projects.

When going for a weathered look quick coats of the colors are better. 
This makes it easier to remove the paint, while keeping the color alive, to mimic the time it would take for something to be at the beach.

When all that was dry it was time to sand and then stencil/paint on the numbers, etc:

Then to finish off the edges, rope was hot glued on:

Last, but not least, she was hung with care:

This whole project took w-a-y more time than $$$
but adds such a touch of whimsy to our summer décor.
We just may leave it up year 'round!

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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