Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From Drab to Fab

Recently my husband purchased a bucket at a yard sale for me.
Both he and I have a thing for galvanized buckets...old or new.
It wasn't quite my style but for the price he knew it wasn't a bad investment.
Yes, that is the price tag:

Shortly after...much to this Momma's oldest daughter tells me she wants to decorate her apartment in a shabby, barnyard style. But in an updated vintage version with fresh newer elements because she is a young adult. We've dubbed her style "Fresh Vintage."
Still, my heart began to pitter-patter and then I laid eyes on that 10 Cent bucket.

So I texted her a pictures:

It's just her style.
She told me the colors she's going to be working with so I got busy.

First thing was a base coat of antique white.
It comes out a more yellowy cream color.
(Notice that I taped off the handles.)

***When two-toning any project the base coat is very important.
Don't skimp on this step thinking it won't matter.
It does in the end.**

Also, quality IS important when working with spray paint, especially on metal.

 After this dried I sloppily brushed on two coats of red paint.
Sorry, I zoned and forgot to snap a pic of that step but I'm sure you'll get the idea.

When all the paint was dry it was time to distress:

 Notice how the antique white peeks out.
The pictures just don't show how much creamier it looks in real life.
In places the original galvanized finish shows through,too.
This is why the base coat is so important.

 Last step was to seal it with a flat, clear spray paint and get it to her.

So...for dramatic presentation purposes here's the before and after side-by-side:

Not a bad transformation for a $4 project!
bucket 10 cents
can of spray paint $3.77
red paint is leftover after painting our master bedroom

Thinking now I just might need to send my hubby yard saling without me more often!

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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