Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Replacement Cabinet

Once upon a time a family bought a house.
A house that had good bones but needed updating.
A house that hadn't been touched since the early 80's.
This family had mixed opinions.
Momma said "It'll be fun to redo it to just our style."
Daddy said "We're gonna be broke, kids."
Momma said "Nonsense, we'll be done in two years flat."
Daddy said "We're gonna be broke for a long time, kids."
W-a-y more than two years later Momma is still working on her kitchen remodel.
See, she sometimes has quirky ideas and it takes some time to find exactly what she wants.
Okay, so y'all have probably caught on by now.
I'm talking about us, my family.
However, today actually finds one side of the kitchen complete.
I can hardly believe those words as I type it out.
After ripping out the original 1979 cook top, wall oven, AND microwave, plus all the cabinetry from that side of the room I decided I reeeeellly like the look of furniture in a kitchen.
And the hunt began.
For the past couple/three years I've lived with this:

I adore the white cabinet.
The blue...well...it was functional.
Then we found this beauty:

All she needed was some super, super simple refabbing to make her the perfect fit:
Not the most glamorous of make-overs.
But exactly what I wanted all along.
Now...let me let y'all in on a little secret...
See the material on her that provides hidden storage?
Check out how easy peasey it was to create:

As y'all can see I didn't even bother to repaint the two shelves that'll be hidden.
A few measurements and stitches later:

Yes, it is nothing more than a vintage tablecloth turned curtain
with the addition of a spring tension rod.
Best part is that it's kinda like that cute guy in high school you thought you wanted to date but not marry...as soon as he got on your nerves you gave him the boot...yeah...you know the one.
Same concept here.
When I'm tired of this fabric, it'll come down and new little curtains will be sewn in their place.
Or maybe I'll paint the shelves and have open display.
The point is...I'm not married to the concept and it suits my mood now while giving my options in the future.
Now, if only I didn't have to look at the other, incomplete side of the kitchen. ;) 

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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