Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Milk Paint Project

Okay, so you know what it’s like to find the most awesomest piece of (insert your find here) ever. Well at least the most awesomest piece ever for this week.  ;)
My latest score was this beauty. Can y’all just hear the cat-calls?

She made my heart skip a beat when we found her hidden in a closet while helping Daddy clean out some of Momma’s things. Who knows how long it sat in Grandma’s attic before Momma brought her home twenty years ago. I remember seeing her and falling in love with her then. The love was still there the second time I laid eyes on her.
But the color was wrong for our décor.
It just-so-happens I’ve got some unused “Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint” that was itching to be tried out.
First she got a coat of “flow blue.” I just literally slopped it on. Kinda neatly, of course. Wait. That's an oxymoron...neatly slopping paint on. Only in the DIY world does that make sense.

Next came “ironstone.”
Here is where the project took an unexpected turn. My intention was to cover the frame with “ironstone” more thoroughly and then do some light distressing. Changed my mind and I’m so glad I did. What happened next rendered my sixteen year old daughter speechless. Y’all know that’s something pretty doggone special right there! She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw this view:
She came into the room and upon regaining her composure she could only say “Wow.”
As we stood admiring her together I struggled to regain my composure. While painting my heart had begun to race, palms got sweaty, had a goofy grin on my face. Oh, YOU know the look...admit've had it happen to you, too!
So without further ado, here she is…the current rock star of my little DIY world:

I finished her off with a couple of coats of clear spray paint, letting it dry thoroughly overnight, and will be hanging her up later today. The blue really comes out next to the gray/blue of our wall color.
Now off to order more "MMSMP" and find more to use it on...
Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy
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  1. Thanks, Carlene!
    I'm seriously having a problem NOT standing there staring at it all day...


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