Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Cutest Little Thermos Lamp Ever

Okay, y'all ready for this?
It seriously is the cutest little thing ever.
Well, in my world...for now...until the next cutest-little-thing-ever project comes along.
Y'all know how that goes, right?
My kitchen tends to be a little dark due to the design of our house.
A little lamp on the counter was just the thing it needed.
But not just any little ole lamp, it had to be the perfect fit.
So, what's a girl to do when she can't find the perfect one?
She makes it!
A long time ago I saw the idea for a thermos lamp.
Wish I could remember where, think it was in a magazine.
Then recently I came across a blog with a tutorial on how to make one.
The rest, as they say, is history...and a cutie patootie one at that!

This is where she now sits on the counter.
The placement gives off just the right amount of light at night so the room isn't gloomy.
Can't wait to use her on rainy days to brighten the place up, too. 

PS...I will be making banana bread later today...

Now for the particulars:
First, the cost:
child size thermos $1 Goodwill Bargain Barn find
lamp shade $1.99 brand new at Goodwill
lamp kit $6.49 from Walmart
rubber grommet $.52 (package of 2 at Lowe's is $1.04)
rocks $.50 ($1 per bag at Dollar Tree, used half a bag)
For a grand total of $11.17 with tax!
Cute + Frugal = One Happy Betsy
This is the kit I found at Walmart:
Instead of threading the cord through the hole in the side of the socket,
I ran it up through the all-thread piece that was installed in the top of my thermos.
Second, the how-to:
Now so that this all makes sense...
here's where you can find the instructions on how to put together one of your own:
Pam's instructions are so easy to follow, she did a FANTASTIC
job of walking us through step by step!
Before you head over there here are four things I want to add to her instructions:

(1)The glass inside my thermos was intact so I used a very long handled screwdriver and hammer to break it. Before gently tapping on the handle of the screwdriver, I encased the opening with an old rag to prevent any little pieces from accidentally flying out.
(2)Shaking the thermos to break the glass will absolutely freak your pets out! :D
(3)When buying rubber grommets you need 1/4" and they are found in the specialty hardware
section of Lowe's...sure Home Depot has them too, but I shop at Lowe's more.
(4)This is addicting. Trust me, you will be looking around for what you can turn into a lamp next!
Don't say you haven't been forewarned! ;)
Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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