Thursday, September 4, 2014

Footed Enamelware

Y'all remember the slogan "Two great things that go great together"?
Well, this isn't a yummy a peanut butter cup but it is a delicious reuse of two great items, 
enamelware and cabinet knobs.
The addition of feet just add a little something extra to a once useful canister, 
which makes it useful in another way all over again. 
This would look fabulous holding vintage kitchen utensils, a potted herb, 
or your cooking utensils...or how about silverware for a picnic...or...
you're only limited by your imagination!

Making one of these is super, super easy and quick.
Easy and quick are right up my alley, y'all! 

Here's how it's done: 

(1)Find the *perfect* combination of enamelware and cabinet knobs for your style.

(2)Gather up your supplies.
You will need:
Drill with a bit just slightly larger than your screws.
A pencil.
Phillips head screwdriver.
E6000 glue.
8-32x1/2" Pan Phillips Machine screws.
#10 finish washers.
***The type of washer is very important!
Keep in mind, cabinet knobs are usually used in conjunction with wood.
Because they're being used with metal here you'll need just a hair more thickness upon installation.***

(3)Flip your enamelware upside down, place the knobs where you want them then
draw around the base with a pencil. Upon removing knobs, mark the center of the circle
with your pencil for drilling reference.

(4)Drill your holes.
When doing small projects like this I just use an old cleaning rag turned project rag 
to contain the particles generated by the drilling and also to keep an object, like this bowl,
from spinning on the table. 
On a quick side note...this is what happens sometimes when a hole is drilled through metal.
Using finish washers, in addition to adding more thickness, will hide this little imperfection beautifully.
Remember, safety first and this is a cut piece of metal.
Grab a pair of pliers and gently work the shard back and forth until it breaks free.

(5)Now grab your first knob, dab a little bead of E6000 on it, then simply attach it in place with a screw. Repeat with the remaining three.
This is what the inside of your project will look like. 
If the metal screws and finish washers bother you, dab on a bit of white paint.
Keep in mind, though, they will be covered by whatever you fill the enamelware with.

(6)Lastly, sit back and revel in your handiness while thinking of the perfect spot
for your twice loved treasure to live! that you're finished, store your screws, finish washers, AND the drill bit you used together. This will save time when rounding up the supplies for your next project using cabinet knobs as feet.

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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