Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jump, Sink or Swim

There comes a place in one’s life where they find they are standing at the edge of a precipice, not sure of what is below. The temptation to look back at all that has brought the journey thus far draws one to stop and retrace the footsteps of the beautiful experiences that lie behind while being thankful the ugly ones do not need to be relived. Knowing that there is no use in lingering to look back for long, one’s gaze must again focus upon that precipice and to what lies before them. Again, the unknown swoops in. Just what is at the bottom of the precipice? Should I jump? Sit on the edge and sink in despair at the unknown? Or should I embrace the sea of uncertainty and go for a swim?

Too often during these times we choose to sit too long on the edge, dangling our feet as the time slips by. We waste opportunities while we are waiting to hear God’s voice telling us exactly what to do;  we waste time. Time that is once spent is gone forever. Just sitting and waiting fruitlessly while forgetting that it is by the Holy Spirit living and breathing inside of us that God leads us. He does not lead us continually by sending down orders from Heaven as if we are mindless soldiers who will not move unless each individual step is an order. He does not want a group of puppets upon which He must manipulate each individual string to make us move. It is by the peaceful, gentle drawing of the power that created the universe, living inside of us, that we move. We breathe. We think and feel. It is only by staying continually plugged into the source of this power (John 15:5) can we find our direction. We then find the strength to believe. Find the strength to move. Discover the desire to trust. Then the precipice does not appear to be scary after-all.

Once we embrace the One who knows the unknown we find we are able to get up and walk into His will. Walk securely. Walk confidently. Walk joyfully. For by moving forward are we able to live beyond the past as we are told to by Paul (Phil 3:13). Those days are finished. Complete. Never to be lived again. The only thing left are the lessons we’ve learned while they were being lived. For God’s work for us is not found there. God’s work for us is found in the present and the future. This is where we encounter a living, breathing God. This is where we encounter tasks yet to be done. This is when we discover the full power of the Holy Spirit within us. This is when we decide to stop dangling our feet and choose to jump in and swim. We make the choice to live out the destiny God has called each of us to. A destiny that only you can fulfill.

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