Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thief On The Loose!

There's no other way to say this: I've been robbed! Yes, robbed! Somebody has brazenly walked in and stole Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from me this week. Oh how I wish they'd have the decency to return them to me. I had such big ideas as I woke up Monday morning...things to do, blog postings to write. Sigh. And here I sit on Wednesday evening wondering where the time went. I guess I could blame it on the most perfect weather ever that we're having right now. I mean, seriously, who can get anything much done when the sky is the most brilliant sapphire blue while the sun shines warmly as the wind rustles through the trees? All I want to do is walk along the beach and dig my toes into the sand. Or maybe I could blame it on the Dust Fairy. Crazy old woman won't come back and get all the dust she's sprinkled all over my house so I've had to clean it up myself. Whatever the culprit is does not change the fact that the days are gone. Soon to be forgotten. Glorious sun drenched days with birds singing...ones that end with crickets chirping as the sky goes from deep blue to a glorious orange on the horizon. But as another one fades I think of all the neat things I was going to post this week and realize I had best get off we go...

Christmas Countdown, Week Three:
This week is fairly simple. It involves a calendar and your favorite beverage. Yeah, that's it! Take a few minutes to look ahead at the month of December and think of the various extra activites this month holds. Having out of town company? Going out of town yourself? Office party? Church social? Family get together? Etc, get the idea. Now, get them on the calendar. Seeing it laid out will help with the planning process of getting it all pulled off without a hitch. Taking the time now to line up a house sitter or dog sitter helps insure your top pick will be availble. Or knowing which weekend will be better to host the family get together keeps your stress level down as you will be sure to not double book yourself. As you sit and relax now with your favorite beverage in hand you can look at the month ahead with less stress and actually get to look forward to all the fun times December's celebrations will hold!

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  1. I just LOVE how you've thrown yourself into your blog, Betsy! I feel your heart and appreciate all the helpful links, tidbits, words of wisdom, etc. God Bless You! Christmas time can be so draining and it is very heartwarming to read about your own struggles and suggestions. It helps me get out of my own little world! Thank you!!


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