Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tis the Season for Comfort Food

The weather is cooler, days are shorter and visions of comfort food are dancing in my head. But what's a girl to do when the family wants something warm, yummy and satifies the soul as much as the stomach when time is short? Feed the hungry crowd grilled cheese for supper. Yeah, for supper. Now if your husband is like mine I'm already losing you...hang in there for a few more minutes. The last thing my man wants to do after a long day at work is eat a sandwich. However, if that sandwich becomes a gourmet treat, then he's all in! Which brings me to grilled cheese again. Gourmet grilled cheese I should say. By taking this comfort food favorite and taking it up a notch it goes from yum to YUM! Doing so is super easy, too. Simply take two kinds of cheese and add something with them. There are many types of cheese on the market in sliced form now-a-days. Experiment until you find what your family likes best. Same with bread. Supermarket bakeries have many choices beyond boring white or wheat. Then think about what kind of add-ins your family likes. Every/any thing goes...from pepperoni to mushrooms and black olives.  Our current family favorite is chipotle cheddar, American and carmelized onions and garlic. To put the sandwich together you'll put some butter in a pan, place a slice of bread down add one slice of cheese to the top of that, put the add-in on top of the cheese, then put the second slice of cheese on top of that and finish up with the second slice of bread. I do recommend keeping the burner a bit lower than you normally would when cooking a grilled cheese and add a little more butter to the pan when it comes time to turn the sandwich over. Add a side soup and wa-la...a meal with a twist that satifies .

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  1. I love grilled cheese with fresh tomato soup! I just put a couple tomatoes in the Magic Bullet with some chicken stock and a clove of pressed garlic, then blend and heat in microwave or on stove! Does my heart good! :D


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