Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time for a Name Change

In ancient times more emphasis was put on names than it is today but the fact that it gives a quickly noted meaning, in regards to movies, books, websites, and, yes, blogs, remains the same. As I have prayed over what to do with this blog during this new year I also asked myself what the focus of this blog is. Answer: making a house a home. This comes in many shapes and sizes...from allowing God to work on us so we are better women/wives/mothers/daughters/sisters/friends, etc., to trying new recipes to wow our family's taste buds to home decor that suites our family uniquely and even personalized sewing/craft projects that tell our family and friends "I love you." 

So as I began thinking about the name "All About Home" it just seemed, well, homely. Not bad, not overly interesting. Didn't repulse me, didn't necessarily exite me, either. That's when I knew a change was in order...thus, the new name "Feather in My Nest." Let me explain...

As women we are naturally nesters. For me this started the day I became a mom twenty-one years ago. Ever since that time period whatever house we've lived in has been in a constant state of evolvement to suite our needs/likes. Some changes lasted awhile while others have been short lived. But with each change I see it as adding another feather to the nest...meaning another thing to make our four walls with a roof a home...which is a process that never stops.

With all this being said, I want to share with you the latest feather to be added in our home. As many of you know, my husband's father passed away recently. Before he left us he told RT (my husband) he wanted him to have some of his tools when he was gone. What more awesome material item(s)  can a man inherit from his father than that? My husband has fond memories of his dad teaching him to tinker with engines from early on in his life. We had hoped that one day Dad would have been well enough to travel down here and get under the hood of our Mustang with RT. What a day that would have been! Okay, back on track, Betsy...when RT went to his stepmom's house to look through Dad's tools he found an old fishing rod and reel in Dad's shed. It was stuck up in the rafters and why my man looked up, who knows? (I think it was a God-thang!) When he pulled it down he remembered his granddaddy having it years and years ago. It was right then and there that we became the only family I know who has a fishing rod and reel as a family heirloom. Fitting, though. I do believe RT was born with gills. The first time he asked me on a date was to go to the pier and fish. Yeah, I knew what I was getting from the beginning. Anyhoo, today became the day I committed to getting it up on a wall:
Honestly, I almost didn't post this pic since this vignette is not complete. But then I thought that I really want everyone to see me as a real person and not somebody who instantly has it all together. So I snapped the pic and here it is! Before all is said and done the lantern holder and picture frame will end up with new coats of paint.

When my husband gets home this weekend I think he'll really be pleased by this. The picture reminds us of the place we used to fish in our hometown and coupled with the fishing pole it has deep sentimental meaning. This little "feather" will make him feel even more at home. But what will please him more is knowing that his wife desires to build a nest where he feels welcomed and that she loves him enough to make what is important to him important to her. This, in the end, is what our homes are all about. We need to carve out spaces that welcome our family...welcome ourselves, too...into a safe haven where we know we're loved.

So as you are finishing reading this post I encourage you to look around as you get up from your computer to see what little feather you can add to your own nest to make it more comfortable. It might be something as small as a scented candle by your favorite reading chair or as grand as making plans to repaint an entire room. Whatever your project may look like, don't delay another moment...make your plans, commit to the project and then get started!

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  1. BTW...if y'all look to the right of the photo you'll see a pair of antlers with a green hat hanging off them. Just so ya know, it IS a John Deere hat. RT was mortified that I bought it. It's just that no self respecting redneck would get caught without one hanging on antlers in their house!
    Oh, and after looking at the vignette for the rest of today I think I'm going to leave the picture frame and hanger dark. Might do something with the table, though....


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