Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Trunk Reveal

"A" trunk has undergone a transformation to being "The" trunk in our house..week before last our neighbor was throwing away this treasure:
I mean, seriously, y'all! Who would throw such a beauty away? It was all I could do to not trip all over myself getting next door to grab it before someone else did. The coolest part is that is was F-R-E-E! And I have been wanting a trunk for quite some time. When we find them at yard sales they're either more than I want to pay or in such poor condition that they shouldn't be for sale. This one is solid wood and has been well-loved in all the right ways. Plus, it is extra storage space. Yipee! A double plus in my world! Can you tell I am still so excited over this thing?

So the transformation began by peeling the contact paper off and scraping the remains of an old sticker off the front. Then it was on to a light sanding and some painting, more sanding, more painting, more sanding so that it looked like this:

Okay, so now the secret of my super-fancy workshop is out...complete with dirty frying pan on the stove! Don't y'all just love the freedom we have to be real? Really, like who is gonna make sure their kitchen is clean when the creative bug bites? However, y'all can totally believe I'll be paying more attention next time I snap a pick like this and at least move the dirties to outside the picture frame. ;) Anyhoo, I digress...

It was then on to one more round of painting and finally the last time of sanding before that became this:

I wanted it to still be rough:

Knowing I wanted to put a number on top but being unsure of which number I wanted, I made the logical choice...and picked a font I liked and then chose the *prettiest* of the numbers in that font. Thus, No. 7 won! As soon as the paint dried it also got a light sanding:

Lastly...just to get the total effect of this transformation, here are before and after pictures side-by-side:

Now the only problem is that the table I set it on now needs a transformation of it's own. It just never ends, does it? Especially now that I am entering into the *junky* phase of home decor...oh, just what can I sand down next?


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