Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love at the Table

Shhh! Please don't tell my man I sometimes do this  on purpose...I love to aggrivate bless him with custom placemats done all girly. Look, y'all, its not my fault he swims in the deep end of the estrogen ocean! He is a good sport even when his only option is a pink paddle! ;) Though he did threaten me once when I asked him to paint a pink spot in his boat for me to sit on. He walked away muttering something about painting it on the bottom...under the water...

He does keep his sense of humor through it all though I know at times its tough. Seriously, the man has no feminine side to his personality. I AM his feminine side! So when he has to come home and look at his name all done in pink by a pink flamingo the humor kicks in.  And it reminds me to make sure I slip in a masculine set of placemats every now and again!

See, last June I began a "placemat of the month" tradition here in our home. Each month gets it's own new, personalized, custom set of placemats. My man fondly refers to them as my little *masterpieces* as I lovingly slave over them. Okay, so that's laying it on a little thick, I know. Thankfully we do not eat off these, as they are for decoration only, because I think this month he'd refuse to use his and starve.

(Please bear with the bad lighting in some of the shots. I snapped them quickly and do not have the time to play around with them this morning.)

Here's a shot of the entire table:

This month both his and my placemats are identical:

The conversation heart on the pocket:

 Close up of the flamingos...their eyes are red hearts:

Our girls got these:

Their conversation hearts say different things and I chose to do the lips in pale pink to match the flamingos.

Now I think now I need to go bake a peach cobbler as a peace offering for my man...

Happily Feathering ~Betsy

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