Friday, February 4, 2011

Part Two: Love at the Table

My man suprised me by coming home a day early and, well, he got suprised with our new table setting...and said he'd feel mighty bad about spilling food on his brand-new love inspired placemat. Somehow I just do not believe him, about feeling bad, that is. Before any *accident* happens I asked him if he'd mind snapping a few pics. He agreed. Hate to think of what this is going to cost me later...maybe two peach cobblers!?!

He appreciated the hard work I put into these but said they're the scrawniest turkeys he's ever seen! We've had many laughs already over these placemats and will surely have many more as the month progresses. I do treasure his sense of humor!

One of the aspects of our marriage that has grown so much better with time is our ability to lighten up and have fun together. We love to make each other laugh. We do not take ourselves seriously. It makes for some crazy times in the Richardson household. Thankfully our house is not bugged or others would think we've lost our marbles! ;)

So, girls, when was the last time you lightened up the mood and had some F-U-N with your man? If you can't remember the last laugh y'all had together then it has been w-a-y too long since it happened! Purpose to make today the day that changes. Let having fun and laughing together become a habit in your household, too!

Happily Feathering ~Betsy

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