Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Plan B

Remember yesterday's goal was to repaint the scripture by the birdhouse?
(Scroll down and you'll see the pic of the scripture in the frame.)
Didn't happen.
So today it was getting done no-matter-what!
I pulled up the pic of the scripture...
Got out my Cricut...
Spent over an hour cutting my stencil...
Only to discover this when I began placement on the wall...

 The font size had even been measured BEFORE being painted over.
So my daughter says "Just cut another stencil."
Really, she knows not what she says.
After grabbing the last of the Doritos and putting on my thinking cap I came up with this, Plan B:
 I do have to admit I will not recommend eating Nacho Cheese Doritos while trying out
a placement of anything but sometimes I'm just a little crazy like that.
However, they are good thinking food.
Especially when you score the last of the bag like it's a golden prize.
As I finished licking the cheese off my fingers the Doritos,
I realized that this was not a half bad idea after-all.
Since moving the bookcase to this wall it was just a little too plain above the picture frame.
This ended up being the perfect solution.

After stenciling the wall I added something to the inside of the frame but it just was not right.
So I quickly brushed over it with the wall color.
Maybe something will be added later. Maybe not.

In the end I'm actually glad Plan A didn't work out this time.
Wait. Did I just really say that!?!

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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