Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oh the Difference a Color Makes

A few weeks back I mentioned on my TLT FB page that I was beginning to obsess about repainting the main body of our home.
The original plan was to wait until summer, when the a/c is on to help the paint dry quicker.
My husband must have gotten reeeeelly tired of hearing me talk about it because he bought me this:

I then went MIA from the real world and joyfully immersed myself in painting.
Everything was painted, the walls, trim, and interior doors, in a systematic process
where one section was completed before moving onto the next.
This included rehanging most of the wall decor.
Last Friday the painting was d.o.n.e.
(I'm still working on getting the soreness out of my right shoulder after painting the kitchen ceiling.)

Just for the wow factor...here's some side-by-sides.
I'm still just beaming over the change and how much it lightened up in here!
"Before" in on the left, "After" is on the right.

 Here are a couple "during" shots to emphasis the difference:

And a few more "after" shots:

  I still have a couple more projects to complete the process...repainting the scripture by the birdhouse, repainting the inside of the build in cabinet that holds the milkglass collection, and replacing the light fixture over the kitchen sink.
Hoping to get the painting projects done today/tomorrow.
Still trying to decide what to put over the kitchen sink.
With all that said...
Next week it will be onto the master bedroom.
It's going to be the same color, "Winter's Day" by Olympic.
(Those who know me best will catch the irony of the name of my color choice!)
It's a beautiful, soft gray/blue.
Sometimes the gray shows through more.
Other times the blue does.
Makes it all the more interesting, don't ya think?
Lastly, in closing, I'm going to give an unsolicited shout-out to Olympic.
The master bedroom is a brick red, which has been a major deterent in repainting.
Just for giggles, I rolled one coat of the Olympic w/primer in a test patch:
Do you see what I see?
Yes, two coats of this paint w/primer is all it's going to take!
This stuff ROCKS!
THAT time savings makes this girl super happy!

And with this newfound happiness, this girl is now off to get more painting done...

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

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