Monday, March 11, 2013

Make It Personal

Yesterday I did a super quick project to personalize an ordinary object.
Saturday we found a coffee table my husband has been wanting.

The paddles were missing and the previous owner had used this outside so it is very weathered.
Both minor *issues* make it perfect for us!
Not much in our home or my husband's apartment is bright, shiny, or "perfect."

To finish making it just right for us, I did a quick stenciling project.
All boats are personalized number it is...

1029=October 29, our wedding date

My husband then named the boat based on my choice for the number.

The whole process to personalize this literally took about a half hour start to finish.
This is now completely unique to suit us, plus, adds a little more of ourselves to his apartment decor.

So, Dear Reader, remember...the next time you find something you love, it only takes a
few minutes to make it uniquely yours and perfect for your home!

Happy Treasure Hunting, Y'all ~Betsy

****I need to tell y'all that the original picture I had chosen to show what this table looked like brand-new showed up correctly on my end, but apparently not correctly on yours.
Obviously, it has been removed. If you're curious about what a new one of these looks like, type "boat coffee table" into your favorite search engine. I'm soooo very embarrassed and extremely gun-shy of trying to repost another picture.****

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